Developing Your Social Media Strategy

For business, social media has become 'the new black' for connecting with existing and potential customers, and marketing products and services in real time. There are a lot of opportunities in this area, and a lot of potential pit falls. Here are five key tips for small business to keep in mind when developing and growing your social media presence.

1. Be clear with what you want to achieve. What outcomes do you want to see? You may want to increase your brand awareness, or increase sales of a particular product or service. Once you know specifically what you want, you can form a plan of how you’ll go about it. And, most importantly, you’ll want to be sure you’ve defined your ideal audience.

Find out how to define your ideal audience on of my earlier blog posts here.

2. Keep social media PART of your marketing plan. Social media is a great activity as part of your overall marketing strategy, and I wouldn't recommend reducing your other marketing and advertising activities. There are a number of great ways to advertise, and all have their place. Social media adds another arrow to your quiver, so to speak. Be prepared to use a combination of marketing and advertising methods, and measure your results.

3. It’s valuable to have a confirmed social media strategy. This can be as straightforward as a simple one page document outlining a few details. I like to include: your aims and budget, your target market, their social media habits, the type of social media you will use for your activity, and the regularity of your posts.


4. Measure results in terms of engagement, not just numbers liked or your page likes. In my experience, genuine positive engagement with your customers over time will result in their increased use of your products and services. We're playing the long game here.

5. Consider your communication strategy. Social media allows the rapid spread of information, which could be a great benefit, or a real risk for your business. It's well worth including social media management guidelines in your business communication strategy.

Social media will enable you to reach your existing customers more frequently and quickly as well as exposing you to new customers. Managed well, your presence on social media will ultimately lead to greater profitability for your business.

By Natasha McGowan - Consultant

In business or self-employed? Keen to develop your ideas and projects but not sure where to next? I’ll get to know you and your plans, and provide tailored tools and resources to position you for where you want to go. If you’re looking for a skilled practitioner to help with operations I’d love the opportunity to work with you.

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