The benefits of a Brand Review

This month I’ve been putting the finishing touches on a new look for Salt Collective as part of our brand review. It’s been a lot of fun, and something I invest a bit of time in each year.

After creating your business and its awesome offering you’ll want to grow its reputation with your customer base. To do this, it’s valuable to carry out a review of your brand. A regular review ensures your brand message remains clear.

The benefits are easy to see.

Strengthened brand voice in the marketplace

The more your customers see and interact with you in the platforms and locations they spend time, the more likely they are to remember your brand. So I take a look at where I have chosen my brand to be visible to my customers and check to see if there is still visibility and ‘voice presence’. This could be as simple as putting up a new road frontage sign to replace one that is worn and tatty to keep your business image professional, or updating a radio advertisement. I also have a look at any potential new platforms familiar to my customers to increase visibility for my brand. Perhaps new social media platforms or magazines with a growing audience in your target market.

I also take a look over the story my brand is telling through advertising and promotion. We all love and respond to story. I recommend making a personal connection by putting a face to your brand. People by nature will talk about and share a compelling story.

Clear point of difference from competition

It’s wise to pay attention to your competitors to understand their brand message and strategies. This allows you to build unique strategies that outperform your competition. Go on, have a little look. When you understand what your competitors offer, and how they communicate about it, you can see their weaknesses, and use this to strengthen your point of difference. This is a valuable addition to your brand message.

Customer expectations clarified

Has your audience changed? Have you discovered new things about the language they use and how to reach them? Every now and again I ask a couple of trusted customers for their honest view. Cringing at this? It’s so worth it. I’ve found this grows more loyalty to my brand as my customers feel they have something to contribute. I learn valuable insights, and I’m also seen by my customers as a professional practitioner which reinforces my brand. Through helpful customer feedback you can align your strategy more closely with the expectations of your customers.

Here are some quick tips:

  1. If you can, carry out your branding review in a quiet part of your year, this way you’ll have more time for reflection and be in a clearer and more confident position as your business peaks again.

  2. Keep your brand simple by focusing on a small number of key brand values.These could be values such as authenticity and quality, or value for money.

  3. Communicate your brand consistently and continually. Make sure every advertisement, brochure and letter helps reinforce the same message. If you have a logo, use it everywhere, and make sure the quality is consistent.

You want to be your customer’s first choice. This can be a simple process, and it doesn’t need to weigh you down with a large amount of time and expense. Your brand creates and maintains your reputation. We need to remember that our world is always changing. Successful brands have stood the test of time by fine tuning and adapting to change, while still maintaining their core values.

By Natasha McGowan - Consultant

In business or self-employed? Keen to develop your ideas and projects but not sure where to next? I’ll get to know you and your plans, and provide tailored tools and resources to position you for where you want to go. If you’re looking for a skilled practitioner to help with operations I’d love the opportunity to work with you.

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