Making the most of Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are great for business. They're a golden opportunity to take a good story about you and tell it with authenticity, and they spread it much further than you can with your own voice. From a technical view they build customer trust, create goodwill for your business, and create positive emotional connection to your branding. Research shows that over 70% of potential clients read your testimonials before deciding to do business with you. That's a lot! Here are some simple tips to make the most of your client testimonials.

1. Listen out for them.

Listen for opportunities to use the good things your clients are saying about you.

2. Ask for permission to use your clients comments about you.

Explain where the information will be shown. In my experience they'll be complimented.

3. Retain authentic and genuine language.

It's so easy to edit out personal words when you're trying make a testimonial sound 'professional', but when they have a personal touch they are hugely relatable for your potential customers and clients reading them. This goes a long way.

4. Make sure they are specific in terms of benefits.

Ask your clients to tell how you helped them, saved them time and money, delivered on expectations, and what the take away benefit was for them.

What questions are you going to ask your clients to put together a valuable testimonial? Want something to get you started?

DOWNLOAD our FREE testimonial template here.

Reassure your clients that you’ll piece their answers together and let them approve the final piece before it’s published. This approach makes it simple and easy for people to provide a review, and they feel part of a credible process.

5. Use them in all your marketing.

Include them on your website, on social media and in your printed materials.

So what are you waiting for, get yourself out there and gather your client’s unbiased recommendations for your business. Used in the right way they can really make waves for you.

By Natasha McGowan - Consultant

In business or self-employed? Keen to develop your ideas and projects but not sure where to next? I’ll get to know you and your plans, and provide tailored tools and resources to position you for where you want to go. If you’re looking for a skilled practitioner to help with operations I’d love the opportunity to work with you.

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