The importance of dreaming and how to harness moments of imagination

Somethings I think I could easily dream a whole day away with all the ideas and fascinating possibilities floating around in my head. "She's such a dreamer," was often said of me by friends and grown ups surrounding me throughout my childhood. I'd like to think that I've retained this enjoyable and valuable trait as I've grown up.

Daydreaming is good for our happiness and health. It inspires us, gives us purpose, and makes us feel good. It can also be a stepping stone to developing and achieving goals. Lets take a look at how we can tap into and make the most of taking time to dream.

1. Firstly, and simply, we've just got to take the time.

Go on, be indulgent. In our fast paced and full lives, how can we come upon moments of inspiration and imagination without taking time to rest and recharge? I think of it like this. If I expect my mind to work for me recalling important dates, facts, and details for most of every day, every year, I want to allow my mind a bit of a breather for creativity every now and again. Any good friend would do this wouldn't they? And we're better off being friends with our minds aren't we?

2. Take time to read.

Truly. And I'm not meaning the kind of titles so you can acceptably answer the "What are you reading at the moment?" question bandied about at social gatherings when you're meeting new people. I find there are a couple of times of the year that my schedule is a little quieter and I do quite a bit of reading during these times. Over the Christmas and summer break I allow myself the luxury of a mystery thriller or an historical novel or two, and I enjoy the easy read during these times. I'm also in a fun season of reading chapter books to my son. I find these kinds of books really inspire me with their fun and different language. All great fodder for my imagination. For me into Autumn is a quieter season an here's where I love to devour business books from social media marketing to strategic planning. Something I can really sink my teeth into and use to fuel my thoughts. It's amazing what you can learn and retain that comes back to you at key moments. And, it's amazing how you start to cultivate new ideas and fresh possibilities.

3. Learn to listen to the small voice.

Most of the dreams I've carried and developed that I've then walked out into the practical achievement of goals has begun with the tiniest inkling. Sometimes I've almost missed it. Learn to tune in to that small voice. The one that says something like "Isn't it interesting that most small businesses don't know an awful lot about SEO, (search engine optimisation) when it's essential for them in todays market." This little thought came to me one afternoon after learning a little about SEO myself, and talking to other small business operators I knew. Here was an opportunity to learn and become skilled in a specific part of small business, so I could then help others, developing my small business consulting skill set further. This is a small example I know, but the principles are the same for larger ideas. Like the idea that I entertained a few years ago that I could leave my part time job, and begin my own business based from home working in events and assisting small businesses. I had only a basic idea of how it would look, and no start up savings. Over two years on with a full client base I only wish I'd made the move sooner. I've never looked back.

4. Become comfortable with a little unrest.

Dreams and big ideas aren't safe, and change isn't either. But, the long term fulfillment and satisfaction of a dream realised far out weighs a bit of present discomfort.

5. Imagine.

Take your thoughts and let them play out right through to the end of the story. Isn't it fun. I think that if we're going to see our dreams realised we have to believe in them, and in ourselves. When we imagine how things might look in our mind, we can start to see how it could play out in our life.

6. Write a few down.

Go on, I dare you. This is a magic moment where something tangible starts to grow. If I wrote down all my dreams I think I'd run out of paper and have a very sore hand! But there are some that I have penned down, and fleshed out, and it's been very valuable.

7. Tell a few people.

But only a few. The ones who believe in you. They'll have your back and will probably be able to add some value to your ideas. I'm sure hold you accountable too, which you'll thank them gladly for.

I really do think at the end of the day, what we are is our dreams. If we allow ourselves to cultivate and harness these the future is ours to be fully had and enjoyed.

by Natasha McGowan – Business Consultant

In business or self-employed? Keen to develop your ideas and projects but not sure where to next? I’ll get to know you and your plans, and provide tailored tools and resources to position you for where you want to go. If you’re looking for a skilled practitioner to help with operations I’d love the opportunity to work with you.

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