As event professionals Salt Collective are committed to providing a standard of excellence in event management.  For this reason we are members of the New Zealand Association of Event Professionals and adhere to their Code of Ethics.


Membership Number - 32789980


All NZAEP members are bound by its Code of Ethics.




Code of Ethics 


As a member of the New Zealand Association of Event Professionals, I will:


  • Conduct myself with integrity, fairness, respect, impartiality, courtesy, honesty and credibility.


  • Represent and act within my area of professional competency and authority without exaggeration, bias, misrepresentation or concealment.


  • Develop, promote and present all events in accordance with the highest ethical standards of professionalism and personal conduct.


  • Strive to provide the highest level of service and excellence of event delivery.


  • Respect the need for confidentiality.


  • Negotiate all agreements in good faith respecting the rights of all parties involved.


  • Respect the policies and regulations of those organisations with whom I deal, act lawfully, uphold all NZ regulations and carry our activities using honest business practices.


  • Pursue continuing education related to the events industry and share knowledge learned with others to further the profession.


  • Avoid all activities that will cause damage to or discredit to myself, my company, the NZAEP or the events industry.


  • Avoid actions, which are or could be perceived as a conflict of interest or for individual gain.


  • Avoid any and all conflicts of interest and advise all parties, including my company, of any situations where a conflict of interest exists.


  • Offer or accept only appropriate incentives, goods and services in business transactions.


  • Value diversity and strive to reflect it by providing and fostering events that create an inclusive atmosphere for people regardless of their national origin, race, religion, sex, marital status, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental impairment.


25 May 2016