3 Sep 2018


For business, social media has become 'the new black' for connecting with existing and potential customers, and marketing products and services in real time.  There are a lot of opportunities in this area, and a lot of potential pit falls.  Here are five key tips for small business to keep in mind when developing and growing your social media presence.

1. Be clear with what you want to achieve.  What outcomes do you want to see?  You may want to increase your brand awareness, or increase sales of a particular product or service.  Once you know specifically what you want, you can form a plan of how you’ll go about it.  And, most importantly, you’ll want to be sure you’ve defined your ideal audience.

Find out how to define your ideal audience on of my earlier blog posts here.

2. Keep social media PART of your marketing plan.  Social media is a great activity as part of your overall marketing strategy, and I wouldn't recommend reducing your other marketing and advertisi...

29 Nov 2017


This month I’ve been putting the finishing touches on a new look for Salt Collective as part of our brand review.  It’s been a lot of fun, and something I invest a bit of time in each year.

After creating your business and its awesome offering you’ll want to grow its reputation with your customer base. To do this, it’s valuable to carry out a review of your brand.  A regular review ensures your brand message remains clear.

The benefits are easy to see. 

Strengthened brand voice in the marketplace

The more your customers see and interact with you in the platforms and locations they spend time, the more likely they are to remember your brand.  So I take a look at where I have chosen my brand to be visible to my customers and check to see if there is still visibility and ‘voice presence’.  This could be as simple as putting up a new road frontage sign to replace one that is worn and tatty to keep your business image professional, or updating a radio advertisement.  I also have a look at any...

10 Aug 2017

Client testimonials are great for business.  They're a golden opportunity to take a good story about you and tell it with authenticity, and they spread it much further than you can with your own voice.   From a technical view they build customer trust, create goodwill for your business, and create positive emotional connection to your branding. Research shows that over 70% of potential clients read your testimonials before deciding to do business with you.  That's a lot!  Here are some simple tips to make the most of your client testimonials.

1. Listen out for them.

Listen for opportunities to use the good things your clients are saying about you.

2. Ask for permission to use your clients comments about you.

Explain where the information will be shown.  In my experience they'll be complimented.

3. Retain authentic and genuine language.

It's so easy to edit out personal words when you're trying make a testimonial sound 'professional', but when they have a personal tou...

10 Aug 2017

We all live and breathe within twenty four hours each day.  But for many of us, even with the best intentions, we end up with too many tasks unfinished at our days end, or floundering in a sea of varied jobs, trying to juggle different priorities, finding ourselves stuck on the best way to move forward.  Sound familiar?  While I’m not going to click my fingers and solve all your time management problems, there are some useful habits I’ve learnt that help make the most of the time I have.  Here's a list of ten:

1. The first is attitude. 

Be positive and confident about what you’ve chosen to do with your time.  If this involves turning others down because you’re already committed, tell them in a cheerful tone.  Say “I’d love to, but I already have another commitment.  How about another time?”

2. Make the most of your mornings.

You just get more done.

3. Take breaks.

Otherwise you’ll take fake ones.

4. Allow yourself creative thinking time.

Take set time each week to be...

2 Jan 2017

Somethings I think I could easily dream a whole day away with all the ideas and fascinating possibilities floating around in my head.  "She's such a dreamer," was often said of me by friends and grown ups surrounding me throughout my childhood.  I'd like to think that I've retained this enjoyable and valuable trait as I've grown up.

Daydreaming is good for our happiness and health.  It inspires us, gives us purpose, and makes us feel good.  It can also be a stepping stone to developing and achieving goals.  Lets take a look at how we can tap into and make the most of taking time to dream.

1. Firstly, and simply, we've just got to take the time.

Go on, be indulgent.  In our fast paced and full lives, how can we come upon moments of inspiration and imagination without taking time to rest and recharge?  I think of it like this.  If I expect my mind to work for me recalling important dates, facts, and details for most of every day, every year, I want to allow my mind a bit of a...

26 Jul 2016

We want our ideas to be noticed, and to take off.  We believe in them, and we think others will too. The reality is, there are thousands of others out there with great ideas, competing with us for the same audience. So how do we put our notions out there and really convince others?  How can we develop our new endeavour so it becomes a successful start up?

We’ve all seen it happen.  Someone starts out with a new venture, and we think, o.k. fine, this could be a good idea.  We express polite interest, and carry on with our work.  And then sometimes, out of seemingly nowhere the growing venture rises and shines on a much larger stage to the awe and applause of everyone.

There can be a lot of different paths to growth.  Most people jump in to a new venture with nothing more than a vague idea of 'trying harder', or 'being better' than everyone else. Although there are no silver bullets, I've observed that start ups that successfully gain traction share the following five practices....

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Time Management: Ten tips to make the most of the time you have

August 10, 2017

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